Tuesday 3 November 2015

Warsaw Travel: MEZZE hummus&falafel

Even though Warsaw is just the 15th biggest city in Europe it seemed huuuuge to me. There was so much to see, so much to do and we achieved to visit just a fraction of what we should have. Nevertheless we discovered some wonderful places we wanted to share with you. First one is MEZZE hummus & falafel – a restaurant in a container located in a park.

To be honest: Everything with "hummus" on it is like a magnet to us, so no wonder that we went inside without being that hungry. 
It was really hard to decide, everything sounded so delicious, which it was in the end, too – just a little bit more bread would have been nice. But the service was very friendly, the music enjoyable and the atmosphere like sitting in grandpa's garden shed. 

The most surprising thing for us was that this restaurant wasn't an exception. Nearly every cafĂ©, every bar, every restaurant looks like the hippest and newest building in the city and you find people inside, no matter what age. 
Graz, you can learn something by watching!

Outstanding facts: 

* Vegan-friendly
* Garden-shed-flair
* Friendly service

Want to visit for lunch? Klick HERE for the location on the map.
Idea: Clarissa Kober and Diana Ranegger | Words: Diana Ranegger | Photographs: Clarissa Kober


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