Thursday 5 November 2015

Warsaw Travel: Chwast Food – Burgery Weganskie

If you are searching for a delicious but fast food, Chwast Food is perfect for you. We ate one of the yummiest vegan burgers ever in this little but cool furnished house – it was kind of our life-saver as we were starving and didn't know what to eat. Stumbling upon THAT was a godsend.

It's similar to the Bausatz-Lokale in Graz where you can chose whatever you want on your food.
First you tell the chef here which bun you'd like to have, than you can choose between tofu, seitan and different veggie patties and in the end you get different vegetables and you favourite sauce in your burger. We really enjoyed the food and the nice atmosphere – and were so happy to find something good to eat after 10 pm. 

We've been even more enthusiastic about the vegan cakes they offered – ours was Christmasy, soft, sticky and de-li-cious; which made us coming again the next day just to buy another piece of this wonderful cake.

Outstanding facts: 

* Vegan-friendly
* Lovely furniture
* Young and kind owners
* De-li-cious

Want to visit for lunch or late dinner? Klick HERE for the location on the map.
Idea: Clarissa Kober and Diana Ranegger | Words: Diana Ranegger | Photographs: Clarissa Kober

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  1. Das sieht ja wirklich ganz gemütlich aus!
    Alles Liebe, Salo