Saturday 23 August 2014

Gypsy Magic

Our very first lookbook shooting trials on a day where nearly everybody was either ill or unmotivated. But still we got some pictures that have a special flair and give you a certain feeling. 

The shooting had the motto "Gypsy Magic" and was shot in an old shoe factory, but the "shooting process" started long before. We had to collect all the indie- and gypsy-like accessories in our houses and bring them together - and I can tell you: I didn't know how much of this stuff my parents collect! If you walk through your home (or if you let someone else walk) and have a look at all the pieces in another way, you'll find many things you wouldn't have expected.  
And the photos there. All photos that got projected over us were old slides from our parents, so 100% analogue and 100% vintage. Thus we loved the feeling they gave to us and to the finished lookbook.

Well, enough babbled, here are the photos :)

Hair and Make-Up done by Clarissa Kober; Photos shot by Melanie Paierl and Tamara Hutter; Models: Clarissa Kober and Diana Ranegger

Clarissa is wearing: Dogdays of Summer Shirt and Necklace, Skirt: private;
Diana is wearing: Dogdays of Summer Jumpsuit; Dogdays of Summer Pants and Shirt, Head-piece: private


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